Let's get the ball rolling

Thanks for agreeing to sell us your car, in readiness for us to purchase the vehicle could please answer the questions below, once received will confirm the collection has been approved within 24 hours. 


Selling procedure offered by RS Direct:


Our driver will arrive on a day that’s convenient to you, he will swiftly do an inspection of the car to check everything is as you said it was, we ask prior to his arrival that the car is relatively clean inside and out as this allows our driver to freely and easily view the vehicle.


Once he has confirmed the vehicle is eligible for us to proceed he’ll call the showroom where the payment will be authorised to you within minutes, the payment will be made via by Chaps payment and on most occasions will show as cleared funds in your designated account, if your vehicle is subject to a financial agreement the process is also very similar, we send you a PDF of the transaction made to the finance company.


Once you’re happy that everything financially is in hand please give the driver all documents including the V5 there is no need to fill out the yellow section of the V5 as we take care of that process and register the sale online with DVLA and you’ll get an email confirmation of this within 24 hours, by us registering the sale this also means any tax refunds will be made straight to you.


The whole process from beginning to end should hopefully take no more than 30 minutes.


Private Number Plates


If your vehicle has private registration which you wish to retain we can also take care of this, if we collect the vehicle and it still has the private registration on the fee will be £80 to remove this and put it on retention, the retention certificate will then come to you and also the V5 registration document, as the registration document is an important document we retain £500 from the selling price until this is sent to us by recorded delivery, once received safely we will deposit the £500 into your nominated bank account, if you prefer to remove to the number plate yourself you can do at https://www.gov.uk/keep-registration-number. 


NB: Can you please insure the car is in a reasonably clean condition before we collect, and we’d also appreciate at least a small amount of fuel left in the vehicle.