Security packages what's included as standard


All our Packages include our exclusive items below..


  • OBD port Key cloning 

  • Roll jam

  • Key scanning  

  • Fitting at RS Direct Showroom


OBD port immobiliser - Designed to kill the signal from your On board diagnostics port when the alarm system is armed. This will help protect your car from key cloning theft. 


Secondary digital Immobiliser - The second layer of security included is our NEW Push button Start engine immobiliser. The immobiliser will kill your vehicles ignition circuit protecting against Key scanning and proximity key theft. 


Remote encryption.


All system utilizes 858 MHz long-range multichannel automatically switching radio path and AES-128 algorithm dialogue encryption with remote recognition to ensure protection from hackers and code grabbers.


RS Direct Mini £550 INC V.A.T


  • Phone control app via Bluetooth 

  • Tilt, shock, movement sensor

  • Anti high jack 

  • Alarm connected to horn 

  • Validation key code pin 

  • Hands free arming/disarming 

  • 120 DB siren

  • Bluetooth Tags


RS Direct Advanced £700 INC V.A.T


  • Long Range OLED Remote

  • Impact/Shock Sensor

  • Tilt Sensor 

  • Movement sensor

  • Bluetooth immobiliser tags

  • Bluetooth phone app (lock/arm and Unlocking/disarm 

  • Dual Proximity with warn away

  • q120db Siren 


RS Direct Pro £1400 INC V.A.T


  • Tracking, Smart phone app

  • Bluetooth Immobiliser tags

  • OBD Port Immobiliser

  • 2nd Engine Immobiliser

  • Impact/Shock Sensor

  • Tilt Sensor

  • Proximity Sensor with Warn away

  • Anti HiJack

  • 120db Siren

  • 6 Months subscription for phone control 

  • OLED Long Range Remote


Remote Start on any system 

Ford £150

BMW and Range Rover £250

Mercedes £750

Any other £150